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Red Termites

Red termites are washed, frozen and dehydrated in the Democratic Republic of Congo where they are harvested in the wirlderness. They taste surprisingly like bacon.

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Red termites, the yummy bugs

We may have forgotten that fact, but entomophaby has always been part of the human diet. In Antic Greece, people loved to eat cicadas and beetle larvaes. We are now offering you to try something new: red termites. There are more than 2,600 different types of termites on five continents. Termites are usually prepared oven cooked or fried, with rice as a side dish. They are naturally spicy, which made them a great ingredient to spice up all kind of food.

Edible insects in Africa

In some parts of Africa, termites are very popular and people love to eat them as a fancy snack. With their high level of protein, those insects can compensate the lack of meat and dairy products in the diet of some struggling groups of population. Children and pregnant women eat a lot of termites for the protein intake, but also for all the other nutrients : vitamins, amino acids… Eating termites is also useful economically and in terms of the environnemental impacts. Like all edible insects, termites cost less money to grow than animals we usually eat (cows, chickens, sheeps…) and they use much less energy. Unlike cows, insects don't produce gases causing global warming.

Cooking edible insects

Our termites are washed, frozen and then dehydrated through a slow baking process to keep most of their natural nutients intact. They can be eaten as they are, plain, and they just taste great! But you can also have them associated with rice for a meal without meat or poured over a salad to spice it up. Yes, termites are naturally spicy. That's why they are one of the best edible insects experiences you'll have. Like ants, termites are also great in dessert to add a little crisp to your traditional recipes. Try them and you will be surprised by their taste, funny and familiar at the same. Termites are delicious and healthy, it would be unfortunate not to try those little bugs for a very unique experience.  

By Solene Hoarau The 2015-01-13

Goût Bacon

Comme le dis @Marise, en salade les termites rouges passent à la perfection. Et tellement plus écologique.
Je vous félicite et vous remercie de bien vouloir faire preuve d'autant de considération et de développer la filière en France.

    By Marise The 2013-11-23


    Je ne pensais pas que c'etait possible mais en effet on dirait du bacon. Du coup j'en ai ajouter dans la salade et tout le monde a aimé. Je leur ai dit seulement apres que c'etait une salade aux insectes

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    Red Termites

    Red Termites

    Red termites are washed, frozen and dehydrated in the Democratic Republic of Congo where they are harvested in the wirlderness. They taste surprisingly like bacon.

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