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Dehydrated insects

Dehydrated insects

Would you like to eat bugs? It's certainly not easy to answer that kind question. Especially because you might at first feal grossed up or freaked out just by thinking about it. But did you know more than 3 billion people across the world were already eating insects and enjoying every bit?

Many people, coming from very different cultures, are already eating insects as parts of numerous traditional dishes, especially in Africa, South-East Asia and South-America. In Europe however, comsumption of edible insects is just beginning but it's growing fast.

Dehydrated insects are perfect for a quick snack served with cold drinks. Our Edible Insect Party Pack, for example, can be a great way for you to surprise your friends and have some fun while tasting some delicious bugs. All of our bugs are organic and went through a dehydration process sanitizing them for human consumption while keeping most of their nutrients intact.

We know, eating insects may sounds quite weird, but you have to try it before completely ruling them out of your life. We can assure you, edible insects taste great and have plenty of nutrional values. So, why wouldn't you give them a chance?

Giant Insects Pack

This Giant Insects Pack includes 5 different types of edible insects and 1 surprise lollipop for an insects party with friends or with your family....
40,00 €

Entomophagy Pack

The Entomophagy Pack includes one Insect Snack Package with a mix of edible insects and one bag of crickets. That makes a total of about 80 edible...
14,80 €

Appetizer Bugs

Appetizer Bugs are composed of 5 different species of edible insects for you to discover the different flavors of entomophagy. This package...
8,80 €

Red Termites

Red termites are washed, frozen and dehydrated in the Democratic Republic of Congo where they are harvested in the wirlderness. They taste...
6,90 €


Do you know the most famous edible insects, the mealworms ? Those worms are actually beetle larvaes that are often found in wheat flour. Bakers...
7,90 €

Curry Mealworms

This bag contains between 40 to 60 mealworms seasoned with curry. If you like oriental flavors, Curry Mealworms are a great way to start exploring...
7,90 €

Texan Style Mealworms

This bag contains about 40 to 50 mealworms with a Texan style seasoning. Mealworms contained in this package have been prepared with a mix of...
6,90 €

Dehydrated Cricket

Crickets are probably the best edible insects to try entomophagy for the first time. They have a nice appearance and their taste familiar,...
6,90 €

African Caterpillars

This bag contains about 30 African Caterpillars from the Democratic Republic of Congo. They have been boiled and dried over a wood fire.  Their...
7,60 €


About 20 silkworms in one sealed package. Those larvaes come from Laos where they were prepared following a traditional process. Silkworms were...
8,50 €


Each package contains about 30 beetles. The insects were all boiled and dehydrated in order to maintain their quality. These bugs come from...
8,50 €

Black Ants

Ants are probably the most familiar and the most abundant insects on the planet. They are found absolutely everywhere. These black ants...
8,20 €