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Sales event, workshop or stag parties

We offer you the possibility to set up a workshop for events intended to display edible bugs and promote their consumption by eating them.

By visiting our workshops, you will get the opportunity of a lifetime, discovering and adopting an energetic and delicious new food.

In a warm and friendly atmosphere, you will be able to sample products offered at our booth run by food lovers and from time to time even run by well known Chefs.

In fact, edible bugs are not so new, particularly in Asia where consuming insects is a very common occurence and it is with pleasure that Europeans have been opening their kitchen door to this kind of food novelty.

Take advantage of our know-how and our expertise and taste right now original dishes full of exotic flavors. Our workshops and sales event are a unique way to spend quality time with friends or family all the while discovering products still unknown to your taste buds.

We offer insect tastings everywhere in France as well as school events and entomophagy conferences across Europe. With us as your guide, tasting edible insects will have no secrets for you!

Did you know some insects are unmatched source of proteins?

Our instructors will answer all your questions about the benefits of adopting insects as food, but you will also teach yourself to cook and prepare original dishes.

To have fun and to please others!

In school workshops, tastings can be a fun way for students become familiar with the idea of eating bugs. This is truly a fun way for them to expand their mind to other worlds and different cultures. Because in a few years only, finding insects in desserts will be quite common.

Try these new flavors and let your friends enjoy the opportunity of tasting original appetizers!

Whether for professional or individual events, we organize all kinds of activities adapted to your needs.


Discovering edible bugs at home

Entomophagy (eating bugs) is a quite natural occurence in many countries around the world. Experts at Europe-entomophagy we daily work with are always looking for the best edible insects out there in order to bring us a food packed with incomparable nutritional quality.

As true enthusiasts, our team of organizers will share their knowledge while also making you taste a selected samples of bugs to you and your guests.

We will be pleased to share such an ancient art and to get you better acquainted with this fine food. Go ahead and spoil yourself, regardless of where you are and we will guarantee you a good vibe and a successful event.


What does think the UN about it?

Did you know the Food & Agriculture Organisation, a UN organisation, actively encourages you to start eating edible bugs. This organisation even thinks you will eat them regularly in the coming years.

During our workshops, our entomophagy experts will enlighten you on the many issues around this new form of diet. All of our events are staffed by qualified personel. From the most passionate cooks, famous chefs even, to specialized organizers. All of them present for you and to help you take part in designing small snacks or gourmet dishes based on edible insects.

Our organizers or hosts, each one of them an expert in their related field, will be able to answer the most outlandish questions of your guests.


Crickets, cockroaches larvae or any other kind of edible insects are often chilling. But with our workshop you will finally discover a different way to look at them. And there is a good chance that you will soon be a true entomophage. We do not only want to water your mouth when looking over at out our animated workshops as we would rather make you really appreciate what you usually call "small critters" for their subtle taste as well as give you the ability to reproduce, at home, all the edible insect recipes we will put on display.

If you are interested, feel free to contact us and we will reach you back shortly!