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About Us

Behind Europe-entomophagy :

Behind this e-shop firmly stands a group of three dynamic young people ranging 26 and 35 years old. Like young people, we are sensitive and concerned with our planet's future and in view of our concerns, we opened a shop selling edible bugs.


Why eat edible insects?

In our opinion, eating bugs is a neat solution if we wish to overcome hunger, protein deficiency and protect the planet. While eating insects is not practiced daily by Europeans, we hope this trend develops into a new diet. The many beneficial properties provided by bugs are too numerous to count and should justify, by itself, for us to start eating them.

Basically, bugs are just food. A food rich in protein, a nutriment needed by our body to grow and function properly. And scientific studies demonstrated that protein intakes obtained by consuming insects were higher than those of plants, eggs and even traditional meat. With an ever rising world population, our planet's resources are bound to be even more stressed. Eating bugs has then been offered as the perfect solution to feed the 9 billions people who are going to live on earth by 2050.


millennial ideal for a sustainable nutrition

For the sake of preserving our environment, we came up with the idea of founding and setting up a e-shop specializing in edible insects. Because breeding livestocks is inefficient and emits lots of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane. Which shouldn't be a problem but for the fact we farm enough traditional livestock to feed 7 billion human beings. So much green house gas has become a real challenge for our climate.

On the other hand, breeding edible bugs has a very low environmental impact. We therefore see it as an alternative to livestock breeding in the same protein values. And unlike traditional meats, one of the many virtues offered by edible insects is that they transmit far fewer diseases to humans. We all remember the bird flu for example

And diseases notwithstanding, feed conversion rates for insects are quite impressive. A good part of the food consumed by traditional livestocks is used to produce heat. Insects do not produce heat... not ever! With 10kg of feed, only 1kg of beef, 3 pounds of pork or 5kg of poultry are produced whereas it is 9kg with insects!


Stopping intensive livestock breeding

Understanding this, we tried to do something about it. Even if we stood, only us three, against the world, we wished to take a stand. And with our hearts filled with slogans like: "Stop intensive animal breeding", we set up Europe-entomophagy, first as a blog. Then as an e-shop.

Insects are significant for food diversity too. There are currently more than 1400 species edible for humans. Quickly after deciding to promote entomophagy, we discovered edible bugs like ants, termites, crickets, grasshoppers and caterpillars. All of them are delicious and surprising. Some can be eaten alive, raw, fried, boiled or even caramelized.. Even if it is far preferable to eat them dehydrated, far less dangerous to human health...

Insects offer a full range of different tastes. Some of them are close to nuts like mealworms or gorgonzola like nepes.


Eat insects and save the planet!

Already very sensitive to ecological issues and preserving our environment, our edible insects are not only organic but also put inside recycled packagings. By the way, we are deeply engaged in organic agriculture. So much so, even the feed given to our insects is organic too.

Boasting a wide variety of forms and tastes, with our edible bugs we aim to promote insect consumption everywhere needed. Our planet belongs to everyone and the duty falls to all of us to preserve it.

Good for your health and tasting fantastic, edible bugs are a real solution for our future. What are you waiting for to try?