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Insect Candy

Insect Candy

No less than 1400 different edible insects exist in the world. 1459 at last count. But not all of them are cooked in the same way or with the same seasonings. And that is without taking into account edible insects can also be made into sweets. Which is the point with our insect candies, also called Bug Sweet.

The sweet coating inside which our edible insects have been encased makes their consumption even easier. Especially for those who have recently decided to try eating bugs.

Seeing a scorpion or a mealworm encased in the blueberry or banana coating of a lollipop may strike you as strange, but it only enhances its taste.

Most of our bug sweets have been designed and produced in France by a French Candy Maker!

Délicieux! 60 recipes with insects

Author : Romain Fessard Illustrator : Pictures by Yolaine Rilhac Genre : Cuisine, Cooking Language : French (English coming soon)  Publisher...
19,80 €

Opulence Chocolates

A box of 300g, which is 16 chocolates insects. After our Prestige chocolates box, we decided to satisfy the most demanding guests by designing a...
25,50 €

Prestige Chocolates

A beautiful Prestige box containing 5 edible insects chocolates. French made, these chocolates were prepared with insects flour and insects chunks...
12,50 €

Banana Scorpion Lollipop

Our scorpion banana candy is a lollipop handmade in France with a real edible scorpion inside. By buying one, you will may be able to discover the...
4,50 €

Apple Scorpion Lollipop

Our Apple Scorpion Lollipop have a real scorpion inside! Mixing the natural flavor of apple with the surprising popcorn taste of the scorpion makes...
4,50 €

Strawberry Scorpion Lollipop

Of all the insects lollipops in our store, it is probably this Strawberry Scorpion Lollipop the most popular. At the heart of this delicious candy,...
4,50 €

Orange Mealworms Lollipop

An orange-flavored lollipop with real mealworms inside. This is a great way to taste edible insects for the first time. The sweetness of the hard...
3,90 €

Strawberry Mealworms Lollipop

Believe us, the unusual has its place in our diet! And now come the Strawberry Mealworms Lollipop! If a mealworm candy doesn't seem to be a...
3,90 €

Apple Mealworms Lollipop

With our French confectioner we created a very special candy : the Apple Mealworms Lollipop. This unique recipe tastes great and is a great way to...
3,90 €

Banana Mealworms Lollipop

The world of confectionery has never ceased to evolve. That is why Europe-Entomophagy has developed a unique edible insects recipe: Banana...
3,90 €