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Did you know some insects, or bugs, are entirely edible? In fact, beyond what we usually see on television, many insects are edible and contrary to popular belief they are not disgusting. Beware of the bad reputation given to insects because it is entirely unfounded.

It is quite possible to find a large variety of different edible insects on the market, from mealworm lollipops to crickets beverages all the way through to chocolate bugs... You may already have understood, but the range of products we offer are reasons enough to surprise many of our customers. And beyond the appearance of edible bugs, we allow customers to discover a range of strange and exotic tastes.


Did you know you could become one of our distributors?

Becoming one of our distributors gives you many advantages, you own a restaurant and you are looking for new ideas and recipes to add to your menu? In addition to surprise and delight your customers, adding edible bugs to your menu is one of the best ways to promote a restaurant.

And why wouldn't you decide to sell some edible insects, too? 


Best products on the market

Our products are top quality and received all the health certificates needed for being sold in France and Europe. And we offer specialised and customizable packaging to help sell our edible bugs in your store, too!

It is also worth noting that our products are the only ones in Europe to benefit from health certificates assuring to the customer that our products are edible for human consumption.


How to become a distributor

Through our online platform, you can quickly become our top reseller for edible insects! With our wide range of products, you are bound to amaze your customers and help them appreciate this new kind of food.

By completing a simple online form, you will be contacted by our customer services who will then send you our distributor & reseller catalogue.

To sell edible bugs is not common and will generate surprise. Don't be the last in this fast growing market!



Contact us via the contact form or directly at contact@europe-entomophagie.com