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Wholesale Edible Bugs

Wholesale Edible Bugs

You already know edible insects or you are already keen on tasting for yourself the many delights found by eating bugs. But did you know you could go into high gear and start ordering them in bulk?

Eating edible bugs still makes you a bit afraid but you also know that eating them is a step forward to a more sustainable and eco-friendly diet. On this page you will find ways to buy our edible bugs wholesale! The perfect way to get enough of them to start adding them to every of your exotic recipes!

Mealworms by the kilo

Mealworm, one of the most common edible insects. They like to bite chips and adapt perfectly to all kinds of recipes. By buying kilo, you are not...
50,00 €

Caterpillars by the kilo

Did you know that you could eat caterpillars? These insects play actually an essential role in the diet of some African countries, due to their...
30,00 €

Termites by the kilo

Termites are known to be small insects which are embedded easily into the wooden parts of pur houses and create a big mess. But did you know they...
55,00 €

Giant Worms by the kilo

Giant worms are actually large Morio-type worms that can measure up to 5 cm long. Before being packaged, they were boiled and then dried through a...
60,00 €