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Edible Bugs, what are the dangers ?

Common sense is the rule here

Before asking yourself if eating edible insects is dangerous or not, you should know that already about 3 billion people already consume edible insects everyday. If caution is required here, clearly eating bugs is not a risky practice. The same is true for every other kind of food. But still, it is important to emphasize anybody should not improvise himself a entomophage who has not previously been informed and or taken advices from experienced professionals.

You should see them like mushrooms, you certainly won't be eating mushrooms without first getting confirmation about their species and edibility! Well, it is the same for edible insects.

It is not easy for a novice to distinguish between good and bad bugs and to get an easy confirmation eating them is safe. How to be sure you made the right choice? First, relax. And trust the skills and knowledges of those who have eaten bugs for a long time. They will bring you all the necessary advices you need to eat your first insect in the best circumstances.

In France, as well as in the rest of Europe, consumption of edible insects has lately been seen as a fad or a trend. And fads sometimes push smart people to promote dishonest practices. Trying to take advantage of the popular enthusiasm sparked by that new practice. Stay on your guard and do not let yourself be tempted by the first pseudo-professional website. Only give your trust to well established shop like ourselves or others.


Insects do not speak

Some edible insects eat plants containing toxic substances. Harmless for their metabolism but which could be dangerous to yours. Unless you have a perfect knowledge and understanding of what you want to eat, we advise you not to be foolhardy in fetching and cooking insects you find in the forest. You could end up hospitalized for food poisoning.

Unfortunately, no insect will share with you the details of his last meal!

It is therefore essential for you to know where these delightful little creatures come from and what they have fed with before being dehydrated. This, to prevent risks of allergy or food poisoning. Some unscrupulous shop or wholesaler buys insects from farmers without having any insights about their practices!

Hence the necessary caution you should exercise like going to qualified and experienced professionals who will guide you through the delicate choices leading to your future feast! Only professionals, like our team of experts, could help making the right choice.


Without equal in the field

Some people, driven in their passion, gave themselves the task to promote entomophagy by offering the best experience possible to consumers. As is the case with Romain Fessard, website's founder of www.insectescomestibles.fr, the French leader in edible bugs.

What could be more reassuring than receiving advices from a friendly entomology expert. An expert offering exclusives ware sampled from edible insects only found in France and Asia manufactured in the best farms there is. At Europe-entomophagy, quality of our products is not a joke. Edible insects sold on our website have been only fed with fresh fruits and vegetables to best meet the expectations of bugs fans or those of you curious enough to eat bugs.

Consumer himself, Mr Fessard decided to offer his knowledge to benefits its increasing customers. Mr Fessard will make you enjoy prime quality edible bugs including crickets, mealworms, beetles, ants, crickets, scorpions or even mealworms. It is important to note that Mr Fessard gets his products tested regularly for any diseases or other health related problems, another reason to place your trust in him or Europe-entomophagy.


Insects television

Apart from just selling edible insects in a ready to eat form or under the alluring guise of sweets and to regularly publish original recipes, Europe Entomophagy also sets up workshop or host events to promote entomophagy for everyone.

Two options are avalaible. Both of them got news coverage in Frenc media like newspapers or o TV Talk shows such as Canal +, France 3 and France 5. Our first option is to set up a workshop on a location of your choosing. Whether you are a private company or a government administration (like schools or university), you will not be disappointed by our workshops. Our goal is to help you explore the many different flavors of bugs in the most friendly and pleasant way. Mr Fessard and his team will set up blind tastings and will share their valuable experiences on how to eat bugs.

Our second formula is still under development but will consist of hosting an event in your very home. Like chefs who come to your home to cook and partake in their art, Mr Fessard will train you in how to prepare a meal based on edible bugs and ingredients you will have agreed upon. All so you can, in turn, convey your knowledge to your guests by cooking for them a surprising and bold dinner.

These two kinds of events are both an occasion to spend a unique and fun time with your friends or your co-workers as part of a birthday, a business meeting or a bachelor party as well as being the perfect opportunity to discover edible bugs for yourself. In any way, you'll understand Edible Insects like never before!


You too, become an adept of the entomophagy movement

To sum it up nicely, some common sense is required prior to purchasing and consuming edible bugs :

  • Make enquiries by reading articles. You will find many on the subject.
  • Do not be fooled by those who feel distaste about eaten bugs and have in truth never tried it! Fight against prejudices.
  • Feel free to get acquainted with known professionals in order to get some appropriate advices to help you make your first purchase.

By following these few tips, you are certain to have a pleasant and unforgettable experience.