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Dehydrated insects

Giant Water Bug

The giant water bug is the most adventurous edible insect experience. This bag contains a 10 cm-long water bug imported from Thailand. It was...
6,10 €


Our edible scorpions come from Laos, an Asian country with an old tradition of cooking insects. In order to neutralize the venom in their tail,...
9,90 €

Insects Energy Bars

Insects energy bars are sold as a set of 2. They are made of cricket flour, walnuts, flax seeds, peanuts, dates and chocolate. Their shelf life is...
9,50 €

Délicieux! 60 recipes with insects

Author : Romain Fessard Illustrator : Pictures by Yolaine Rilhac Genre : Cuisine, Cooking Language : French (English coming soon)  Publisher...
19,80 €

Giant Worms

The giant worms are actually morio type mealworms. Before being packaged, they were boiled and dried. For fun, you can dip those edible insects in...
7,50 €